An influential sire, one of many fine Hampole Smooths
bred by Miss E. Lindley Wood, UK.

Great Smooths of the Past

Eng. Ch. Hampole Tinkler

        Eng. Ch. Avon Vagabond
      Farleton Fullcry
        Farleton Foxglove
    Eng. Ch. Abberdale Admiral
        Watteau Cheerio
      Farleton Fortune
        Eng. Ch. Farleton Forethought
  Boreham Bedad
        Eng. Ch. Aire Ideal
      Eng. Ch. Electric Real Amber
        Nosbor Really Sweet
    Boreham Berberis
        Eng. Ch. Avon Vagabond
      Boreham Bevy
        Boreham Beavron
Eng. Ch. Boreham Belsire
        Caravan Rufus
      Avon Rufus
        Avon Secret
    Boreham Bisrah
        Last Of Umber
      Boreham Bis
        From Illa
  Boreham Belmalva
        Kidder Karzan
      Eng. Ch. Little Aristocrat
        Kidder Kisobel
    Boreham Bellona
        Jack The Diver
Eng. Ch. Hampole Tinkler
        Eng. Ch. Brockford Dandy
        Avon Marie
    Bowden Hamish
        Ch. Warbreck Spero
  Eng. Ch. Touchwood Town Guard
      Cromwell Last Of Umber
    Touchwood Bess
Tidser Tranquil
        Eng. Ch. Farleton Fusilier
      Eng. Ch. Farleton Fox Earth ROM
        Farleton Fair Maid
    Watteau Cheerio
        Aust. Eng. Ch. Farleton Flavian
      Aust. Eng. Ch. Farleton Suzette
        Lady Jessamine
  Tidser Taffeta
    Tidser Trinket