Pictorial & Pedigree History

By no means a complete list, I'm just starting with old material or whatever is to hand!
These dogs can be found in many pedigrees of today.
More dogs and information about them will be added as time goes on.

British Smooths

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Eng. Ch. Abberdale Admiral
Eng. Ch. Avon Oxendale
Belgrave Joe

Eng. Ch. Boreham Ballet Star
Eng. Ch. Boreham Belsire
Eng. Ch. Boreham Briar Rose

Eng. Am. Ch. Buckland of Andely
Eng. Ch. Burmar Ted
Eng. Ch. Corrector Of Notts
Eng. Ch. Donna Fortuna
Dusky D'Orsay
Eng. Ch. D'Orsay
Eng. Ch. Farleton Flavian
Eng. Ch. Farleton Foxearth
Hampole Craftsman
Eng. Ch. Hampole Tinkler
Eng. Ch. Laurel Wreath
Eng. Ch. Lethal Weapon
Ch. Little Aristocrat
Old Foiler

Eng. Ch. Oneway Storm
Eng. Ch. Paulanna Pilgrim
Eng. Ch. Rarity Of Riber
Eng. Ch. Riber For Real
Eng. Ch. Riber Ramsey
Eng. Ch. Riber Ricochet
Eng. Ch. Splinter
Eng. Ch.Sufredon Inkling
Eng. Ch. Travelling Fox
Eng. Ch. Watteau Chorister
Eng. Ch. Watteau Madirigal
Eng. Ch. Watteau Midas
Eng. Ch. Watteau Ploughman

Eng. Ch. Watteau Snuff Box



Smooths Imported to the US
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picture & pedigree
  American-Bred Smooths
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picture & pedigree


Ch. Nornay Saddler
Eng. Am. Ch. Jonwyre's Galaxy of Foxden

Eng. Am. Ch. Jonwyre's Galore of Foxden

Ch. Higrola Horatio of Britlea

Eng. Am. Ch. Karnilo Chieftain of Foxden

Ch. Ttarb The Brat

Mullantean Miss Nora

Ch. Mullantean Mr. Pickles


Ch. Foxden Warspite
Ch. Foxmoor Macho Macho Man
Ch. Toofox The Colonel
Downsbragh Mickey Finn

Ch. Miss Me Too Spot