Belsire, along with Eng. Ch. Laurel Wreath, is almost certainly
in every Smooth pedigree of today

Great Smooths of the Past

Eng. Ch. Boreham Belshire

Eng. Ch. Avon Peddlar
Eng. Ch. Avon Vagabond
Avon Springtime
Farleton Fullcry
Eng. Ch. Farleton Fusilier
Farleton Foxglove
Farleton Fair Maid
Eng. Ch. Abberdale Admiral
Eng. Ch. Farleton Foxearth ROM
Watteau Cheerio
Aust. Eng. Ch. Farleton Suzette
Farleton Fortune
Scolton Showman
Eng. Ch. Farleton Forethought
Haven Memory
Sire: Boreham Bedad
Aust. Ch. Eng. Ch. Farleton Flavian
Eng. Ch. Aire Ideal
Aire Winnie
Eng. Ch. Electric Real Amber
Paddock Premium
Nosbor Really Sweet
Nosbor Real Lace
Boreham Berberis
Eng. Ch. Avon Peddlar
Eng. Ch. Avon Vagabond
Avon Springtime
Boreham Bevy
Boreham Belton
Boreham Beavron
  Boreham Beave
Eng. Ch. Boreham Belsire
Caravan Qui Vive
Caravan Rufus
Avon Rufus
Eng. Ch. Selecta Ideal
Avon Secret
Avon Russet
Boreham Bisrah
Cromwell Raw Umber
Last Of Umber
Cromwell Ochrette
Boreham Bis
From Illa
Cromwell Ochrette
Dam: Boreham Belmalva
Cromwell Raw Umber
Kidder Karzan
Dunstable Princess
Ch. Little Aristocrat
Kidder Kisobel
Eng. Ch. Avon Bondette
Boreham Bellona
Diving Jack
Jack The Diver
Lady Sands
Ch. Cromwell Ochre's Legacy