A very influential sire

Great Smooths of the Past

Eng. Ch. Cromwell Ochre's Legacy

          Dark Blue
      Eng. Ch. Oxonian
    Ch. Orkney
      Domino Blanc
  Ch. Eng. Orkadian
        Dusky D'Orsay
      Lady Claudia
        Darrell's Dame - to Eng. Ch. Donna Fortuna
Sire: Ch. Cromwell Ochre
    Baby Ruler
  Trinity Princess
    Broadgate Queen
Ch. Cromwell Ochre's Legacy
        Eng. Ch. Doncaster Dodger
      Eng. Ch. Defacer
        Burton Nellie
    Bramcote Carbine
      Gyp - unregistered
  Yeovil Don
      The President
    Yeovil Kitty
      Yeovil Treasure
Dam: Cromwell Stella
    Rowton Roy
  Rowton Stellata
    Dally - unregistered