What it means and why it is important
We are committed to producing the most typey, healthy and sound Smooth Fox Terriers possible.
We applaud the dedicated and conscientious breeders, some of whose related dogs are listed below, as well as in the online OFA database, who also screen and publish data on their dogs. To this end, we support the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals programs and registries for Canine Hip Dysplasia and Patellar Luxation, and other databases for genetic diseases, such as cardiac and thyroid. Other registries and screening methods are available, such as PennHIP. We support the OFA registry because, among other reasons, having been established in 1966, they have the largest database, and the results are freely available for verification on their website (unlike others), and published quarterly in the AKC Awards. But any screening method is preferable to none!

By certifying our breeding stock, and submitting most of our older dogs as well, we are doing our part to establish a database which will be of value to all SFT breeders. An important part of certification is to establish PEDIGREE DEPTH - quite simply, a dog with multiple clear ancestors are less likely to produce the problem. Submitting non-passing dogs is the next step.

We encourage ALL serious breeders to make the effort to certify their dogs. Intelligent use of programs like OFA for screening breeding stock has helped many other breeds, some with a far greater prevalence and severity of problems than exist in Smooth Fox Terriers today.


Smooth Fox Terriers are a very sound and healthy breed, with relatively few genetic problems.
Our vigilance as breeders today will keep our breed sound and healthy for future generations. For more information, please visit the OFA website and database at www.offa.org. You can also search the OFA database for any breed.

Virginia M. O'Connor - Laurelton Smooths

PATRICK and his PROGENY See certificates if linked
  Ch. Laurelton Now Or Never, ROM, SD
RB236200 06/17/1988 (d) FT-31G60M - Hips
patellae normal - prior to PL registry
  Ch. Laurelton Over The Rainbow, ROM RM039531/03 02/07/1992 (b) FT-PA17/117/F-PI - Patella
  Ch. Laurelton Imagine, ROM RL995518/02 12/02/1990 (b)

FT-125F136F-PI - Hips
FT-PA25/136/F/P-PI - Patella

  Ch. Decorum Here And Now RM135999/05 12/24/1994 (d) FT-119G82M-PI - Hips & Patella
  Ch. Trackways Snowmist Patches RL996599/01 09/03/1990 (b) FT-46G67F-T - Hips
    Ch. Hopewell Maxim Tocoa , ROM RM005426/01 03/17/1991 (b) FT-38F46F - Hips
  Sunnystone Laurelton Raven RM253337/01 05/10/1998 (b) FT-164G469F - Hips
FT-PA54/69/F/P-PI - Patella
  Slyfox Rainey's Rainbow RM254486/01 10/18/1998 (b) FT-PA5/16/F/P-T - Patella
ex Ch. Foxhaven Sgt Pepper Slyfox
13 pts both majors
  Forefox Wingman RM184090/05   (d) FT-123G66M-PI - Hips
FT-PA22/66/M/P-PI - Patella
  Starfox Sweet Dreams RM037523/01 09/11/1991   FT-42F47F - Hips
  Other LAURELTON relatives        
  Ch. Laurelton Never Too Late, ROM
Full sister to Patrick
RB008327 12/07/1985 (b) FT-11G25F - Hips
patellas normal - prior to PL registry
  Ch. Laurelton Seven Of Nine, ROM
sired by Ch. Laurelton Now Hear This, sire of Dover
RM254726/03 08/04/1998 (b) FT-124G44F-PI - Hips
FT-PA24/44/F/P-PI - Patella

Riber Rainbow’s End
UK import
Granddam of Ch. Aimhi Type Cast

RB370906 10/28/1989 (b) FT-117F144F-PI Hips
FT-PA18/144/F/P-PI - Patella
  Ch. Forest Edge Night Falcon RN00392301 12/21/2001 (d) Hip Prelim Normal
FT-PA42/12/M/P-PI - Patella
  Ch. Laurelton Skyhawk RN00392303 12/21/2001 (d)

Hip Prelim Normal
Pending - Patella

  Ch. Laurelton Starstream        
OFAs sired by the
Patrick & Rainbow Grandson, Dover
Ch. Aimhi Type Cast
    Ch. Morgansonne Typeset Legacy RM17163201 04/25/1996 (d) FT-PA6/49/M/S-T - Normal Patellae
FT-80G49M-T - Hips
    Ch. Slyfox On The Briarfox RM21507603   (d)  
    Ch. Aimhi Lucky Lucy, JE CGL SE ME RM17792304 02/01/1996 (b) FT-102G58F-NOPI
    Ch. Slyfox Aimhi Cast A Spell RM18891102 09/10/1996 (b) FT-PA7/44/F/P-T - Patella
    CH. Sunnystone Castaway Of Quissex RM23805004 12/13/1997 (d) FT-122E50M-PI - Hips Excellent
    Ch. Laurelton Timeless RM338709/03 12/20/2000 (b) FT-152G31F-PI Hips
- Patella
    OFAs of other Patrick Descendants        
    Ch. Pennfox Pump Up The Jam RM16915504 02/22/1996 (d) FT-95G54M-T - Hips
FT-PA12/54/M/P-T - Patella
    Ch. Toddot's Oh My Woodstock RM24910803 07/29/1998 (d) FT-96G27M-T - Hips
    Ch. Dar-Lu Hear The Commotion RM1399690 03/03/1995 (d) FT-55G30M-T - Hips
    Ch. Trackways Promise Of Pennfox RM12410701 12/13/1997 (b) FT-PA10/73/F/P-T
    Ch. Lorquest English Muffin RM16048102 09/15/1995 (b) FT-72E51F