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99 AKC Champions sired by Ch. Laurelton Now Or Never
Includes 6 Ch. dogs with CD titles, and 1 non-Ch. earning a CDX
Ch. Dayterra Never Say Never RM005877/01 01/16/1991 (b)
Ch. Midsummer Dayterra Trump RM005877/03 01/16/1991 (d)
Ch. Dayterra Jolly Jester RM046893/01 03/29/1992 (d)
Ch. Dayterra’s Mr Mike Of Tafkan RM046893/04 03/29/1992 (d)
Ch. Dayterra Now And Again RM046893/05 03/29/1992 (b)
Ch. Dayterra Double Your Fun RM046893/06 03/29/1992 (d)
Ch. Dayterra Encore RM126275/02 10/11/1994 (b)
Ch. Dayterra Three Cheers RM126275/03 10/11/1994 (b)
Ch. Dayterra’s Trilogy Of Tafkan RM126275/05 10/11/1994 (b)
ex Ch. Midsummer Melody Of Dayterra RB171863 12/05/1987  
Ch. Hopewell Maxim Tocoa RM005426/01 03/17/1991 (b) FT-38F46F
Ch. Hopewell Farmer RM005426/02 03/17/1991 (d)
Ch. Hopewell Midwood Dominique RM005426/05 03/17/1991 (b)
Ch. Hopewell Midwd Aint No Saint RM005426/04 03/17/1991 (b)
Ch. Hopewell High Cotton RM005426/06 03/17/1991 (d)
ex Ch. Hopewell White Wine RB109631 12/27/1986  
Ch. Warfox Hillcrest Isabella RM134428/01 12/07/1994 (b)
Ch. Warfox Hillcrest Boca Chica RM134428/02 12/07/1994 (b)
Ch. Hillcrest Maraca RM134428/03 12/07/1994 (b)
Ch. Hillcrest Cantata RM134428/04 12/07/1994 (b)
Ch. Warfox Hillcrest Chu Baka RM134428/05 12/07/1994 (d)
ex Ch. Warfox Battle Wreath RM00730202 03/27/1991  
Ch. Cumbrian Hobgoblin RB318434 09/24/1989 (b)
Ch. Cumbrian Step Out In Style RM024149/03 06/28/1991 (d)
Ch. Cumbrian Never Say Never RM024149/04 06/28/1991 (d)
Ch. Cumbrian Go Go V Briarwood RM024149/05 06/28/1991 (b)
ex Ch. Outfox Something Spicy RB212550 12/07/1987  
Ch. Donnybrook Arroyo Chieftain RM003488/01 02/21/1991 (d)
Ch. Donnybrook Arroyo Tica RM003488/03 02/21/1991 (b)
Ch. Donnybrook Arroyo Redwing RM003488/05 02/21/1991 (d)
Ch. Donnybrook English Leather RM003488/06 02/21/1991 (d)
ex Ch. Donnybrook Camargue RB129837 08/29/1985    
Ch. Laurelton Now Hear This RM039531/01 02/07/1992 (d)
Ch. Laurelton Over The Rainbow RM039531/03 02/07/1992 (b) FT-PA17/117/F/P-PI
Ch. Decorum Look To The Rainbow RM131067/01 10/21/1994 (d)
Ch. Laurelton Never Look Back RM131067/03 10/21/1994 (d)
ex Riber Rainbow’s End RB370906 10/28/1989 FT-117F144F-PI
Ch. Rio Oso’s Desert Highlander RM047785/04 04/06/1992 (d)
Ch. Rio Oso’s Bard Of Sherwood RM127133/01 09/09/1994 (d)
Ch. Rio Oso Iv The Love O’Sidney RM127133/02 09/09/1994 (b)
Ch. Rio Oso’s Maid Marion RM127133/03 09/09/1994 (b)
ex Ch. Trackway’s Dawn Heir Pebbles RB295677 09/26/1988  
Ch. Warfox Fantasia RM152342/02 06/10/1995 (b)
Ch. Warfox Anastasia Foxfyre RM152342/03 06/10/1995 (b)
Ch. Warfox Tenacious RM152342/05 06/10/1995 (b)
Ch. Warfox Steeplechase RM152342/06 06/10/1995 (d)
ex Ch. The Winds Of Warfox Jrees RM03754705 10/22/1991  
Ch. Amberwood Montgomery RL994186/01 11/23/1990 (d)
Ch. Amberwood Courtney RL994186/02 11/23/1990 (b)
Ch. Amberwood Holly Of Sunbow RL994186/03 11/23/1990 (b)
ex Ch. Amberwood Alexandra RB211005 06/29/1988  
Ch. Chaseland’s Claude Blayloc RM040545/01 10/16/1991 (d)
Ch. Chaseland’s Buck Woodberry RM040545/02 10/16/1991 (d)
Ch. Chaseland’s Fifi Michelle RM040545/03 10/16/1991 (b)
ex Ch. Sethfield’s Edith Ann RB122711 02/10/1987  
Ch. Crovenay Popsicle Pete CD RL998609/07 01/09/1991 (d)
Ch. Crovenay Noni Spumoni RL998609/08 01/09/1991 (b)
Ch. Crovenay Baskin Robin Special RL998609/09 01/09/1991 (b)
ex Crovenay Ginger Snap RB323757 06/24/1989  
Ch. Sun Crest Ebony Echo RM071261/01 12/08/1992 (d)
Ch. Sun Crest Ginger Snap RM071261/02 12/08/1992 (b)
Ch. Sun Crest Case O’Ginger Beer RM071261/03 12/08/1992 (d)
ex Ch. Huntridge Nut’n Honee RL97508002 03/18/1990  
Ch. Tomfox Hillcountry Winds CD RM022306/01 08/02/1991 (d)
Ch. Tomfox The General RM022306/02 08/02/1991 (d)
Ch. Tomfox Lady Elegant Miss CD RM022306/03 08/02/1991 (b)
ex Aimhi Pastelle Candy CD RB244460 08/27/1988  
Ch. Charbonne Sacre Bleu RM025019/01 06/04/1991 (d)
Ch. Charbonne Toute Suite JE RM025019/02 06/04/1991 (d)
ex Ch. Charbonne Habanera RA739105 05/13/1982  
Ch. Sunlyn Skip N Bounce RM113087/06 04/11/1994 (b)
Ch. Sunlyn Ever So Clever RM196863/01 11/06/1996 (b)
ex Ch. Dawn Heir’s Pickles ‘O Trackway RB379328 09/26/1988  
Ch. Kashmir The Ocean RM150681/01 08/12/1995 (d)
Ch. Kashmir In The Evening RM150681/03 08/12/1995 (b)
ex Ch. Geordan’s Little Princess R03 11/15/1992    
Ch. Laurelton Imagine RL995518/02 12/02/1990 (b)
Ch. Laurelton Reiver Snow Maiden RM063671/03 09/03/1992 (b)
ex Ch. Laurelton Pretty Please RB127018 02/15/1987  
Ch. Leedmar’s Tiger Rag RM039206/03 02/01/1992 (d)
Ch. Leemar’s Buttons And Bows RM039206/04 02/01/1992 (b)
ex Leedmar’s Kandi Striper RB308308 05/19/1989  
Ch. Redoak’s Z Z Top CD RM045122/03 03/13/1992 (d)
Ch. Redoak’s Zera Mae RM045122/04 03/13/1992 (b)
ex Ch. Redoaks Molasses Cookie RB356472 11/08/1989  
Ch. Foxwell Chances Are RB379353 03/27/1990 (d)
Ch. Foxwell’s Sporting Chance RL972945/03 03/27/1990 (d)
ex Ch. Seafarer Sudden Impact RA973061 03/26/1985  
Ch. Quissex Hooplah of Pennfox
Ch. Simply Brouhaha
ex Ch. Simply Hoolah Hoot  
Ch. Trackways Snowmist Patches RL996599/01 09/03/1990 (b) FT-46G67F-T
Ch. Snowmist Trackways Blaze RM035303/01 10/29/1991 (b)
ex Snowmist Foxy Lady Tarcrest RB348202 02/06/1989  
Ch. Quissex Now What The Devil
Ch. Quissex Now Be A Devil
ex Quissex Devil's Daughter  
Ch. Aimhi Betty’s Being Bad RM045599/05 03/11/1992 (b)
ex Ch. Aimhi Polly Esther RB244102 08/27/1988  
Ch. Decorum Reflection RM135999/08 12/24/1994 (b)
Ch. Decorum Here And Now RM135999/05 12/24/1994 (d) FT-119G82M-PI
ex Ch. Buckleigh Anticipation RM05499308 01/23/1992  
Ch. Briarfox Bakers Man RM193581/01 08/29/1996 (d)
ex Cottondale Sally Jessy RM06681502 11/06/1992  
Ch. Electra’s Silver Lining RM194330/02 08/06/1996 (d)
ex Ch. Cynderwood Partly Cloudy RM11223103 04/21/1994  
Ch. Dayterra Bedazzle RM080183/03 04/09/1993 (b)
ex Ch. Dayterra Kid At Heart RM02828403 09/04/1991  
Ch. Sunlyn Ever So Clever (b)
ex Ch. Dawn Heir's Pickles O'Trackways  
Ch. Foxbow Maestro RB370662 12/03/1989 (d)
ex Ch. Foxbow Penny Feather RA989518 06/03/1985  
Ch. Foxmoor Alda RM032100/03 10/22/1991 (b)
ex Ch. Foxmoor Sockhop RB267615 09/17/1988  
Ch. Laurelton Extra Hotsauce CD RM150093/04 05/24/1995 (b)
ex Laurelton Say Please RB271431 01/31/1989  
Ch. Windfall Now Voyager RM001183/01 12/20/1990 (b)
ex Ch. Laurelton Please Do RA936545 11/13/1984  
Ch. Decorum By Design RB357837 11/04/1989 (d)
ex Ch. Reiver Fandango RB160390 05/28/1987  
Ch. Raybills Argyle Sox RM090450/01 06/04/1993 (d)
ex Ch. Raybills Pipi Longstocking RM0771303 01/05/1991  
Ch. Warfox Tea Biscuit RM055539/01 05/24/1992 (d)
ex Ch. Riber Royal Vixen RL98872601 12/07/1989  
Ch. Seek-Rats’ Put Up Or Shut Up RM068944/04 11/19/1992 (b)
ex Ch. Seek-Rats’ Bare Essentials RB120611 02/10/1987  
Ch. Laurelton Slyfox Intrepid
ex Ch. Slyfox Aimhi Cast A Spell  
Ch. Laurelton Sunnystone Defiant
ex Ch. Sunnystone Westerdam  
Ch. Swensea Little Big Man RM229981/04 09/05/1997 (d)
ex Ch. Swensea Poetry In Motion RM05729501 07/05/1992  
Ch. Tptch Black By Popular Demand RM109600/01 01/13/1994 (d)
ex Ch. Teripatch Dance Of The Clowns RM00493804 01/06/1991  
Ch. Son Es El Ojo Negro Teller RM163074/01 12/23/1995 (d)
ex Ch. Toofox Crovenay Antoinette 05 06/09/1991      
Ch. Toofox Calamity Jane RM196408/02 09/15/1996 (b)
ex Ch. Toofox Desert Storm RL99934701 12/16/1990  
Todrun The Touch CD RM010536/05 04/28/1991 (d)
ex Ch. Toofox Rarity Of Todrun RB177370 05/28/1987  
Ch. Trackways Marky Daveric RM076881/05 12/02/1992 (d)
ex Ch. Trackways Snowmist Patches RL99659901 09/03/1990  
Ch. Windmakers One And Only RM233145/01 01/20/1998 (d)
ex Ch. Windmakers Sunday Matinee RM14114603 02/20/1995  
Ch. Charbonne Henri De Caldicot RM021348/01 04/10/1991 (d)
ex Winsom Sweet Charlotte JE RM01142901 11/24/1988  
Ch. Deermeadow Push It To The Max RM109005/03 02/09/1994 (d)
ex Ch. Wrenwell Rapture JE RB205599 01/13/1988  
Ch. High Mountain Marathon Man CD RM045689/01 03/25/1992 (d)
ex Ch. Youngpride Lady Good As Gold CDX RB277729 03/07/1989  
Slyfox Rainey's Rainbow RM25448601 10/18/1998 FT-PA5/16/F/P-T
13 pts both majors RM11371102
Forefox Wingman RM18409005 FT-123G66M-PI  
ex Ch. Mosvalley Pearl Kite RM15004001 FT-PA22/66/M/P-PI  
major pointed  
Other OFA relatives  
Ch. Laurelton Never Too Late RB008327 12/07/1985 (b) FT-11G25F  
- Patrick's full sister